Erin Vogel

Erin Vogel, candidate for Chicago Police Department 9th District Council

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Essay Questions

1. What are the top crime issues facing the McKinley Park neighborhood, and what are your proposed solutions for addressing them?

From canvassing in McKinley Park and in speaking with neighbors all over the 9th Police District, the top crime issues the community is  facing are gun violence and car jackings. My proposed solutions in addressing them is to first understand the root of these crimes and approach gun violence as a matter of public health. If we as a society fail to address the root causes of gun violence (poverty, trauma, lack of opportunity, etc.,) we will be dooming our communities, especially our youth, to increased levels of trauma and a myriad of issues that come with it. My proposal is to think more broadly about what "public safety" actually is and to re-imagine how we treat those who are most impacted by these crimes. If we invest in the community infrastructures like education facilities, mental health clinics, job-readiness programs, and opportunities for those seeing a better future for themselves, I believe we'd see these types of crimes decrease drastically.


2. Why are you running for the police board?

I’m running for one of the District Council positions because I believe that the people of Chicago should have some oversight on the city’s largest budget-item, the Chicago Police Department. Additionally, I believe it's important that we elect council members who will keep the integrity of the Empowering Communities for Public Safety ordinance. My experience in community building and organizing in both Englewood and Bridgeport has given me unique perspectives on policing and public safety. More than anything, our communities need healing, and in my perspective, these District Councils will be a way for people to come together to co-create solutions on the best ways to keep our communities safe. 


3. What past experience, capabilities and capacity makes you a good candidate to represent the McKinley Park neighborhood's interests on the police board?

My organizing experience started on the streets of Englewood, where I learned how to connect with others with compassion and non-judgement, to work together in building community, providing mutual aid, and addressing the root causes of crime so that folks can begin to heal. I believe that I would be an ideal candidate to represent the McKinley Park neighborhood's interests because I am committed to bettering the community for ALL residents regardless of their race, socio-economic status, gender, sexuality, or documentation status. My degrees are in Criminology, Law, and Justice and Sociology and participated in CPDs 30 hour "Citizen Police Academy" in 2019. Additionally, while I was working in Englewood, I worked with leadership and beat officers alike in the 7th District to hold space for healing circles with both the police and community. I've been trained in both Restorative and Transformative Justice work and also have taken over 300 hours of yoga teacher training. 

I know how to work well with others, even when we have different beliefs, and have been able to build trust in the communities that I've worked in due to my personality and commitment to community. My husband and I are small business owners, which has given me flexibility in my schedule to focus on work that I am truly passionate about-- community building.

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