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Published June 3, 2021

The McKinley Park News is very proud to be a member of the Chicago Independent Media Alliance (CIMA), a coalition of local news publishers who have come together to collaborate and provide mutual support as so many news outlets face profound challenges and direct threats to ongoing operations stemming from the COVID pandemic.

CIMA’s Save Chicago Media campaign solicits direct support from local news readers like you who value our city’s diverse, independent news media, from longtime newsprint locals to new, community-focused publications blazing trails with not-for-profit business models.

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Visit to learn more and donate: You can contribute to the general fund to benefit all campaign participants, or pick which independent news outlets you’d like to support.

As a member of CIMA, the McKinley Park News gets great benefits through connecting and collaborating with fellow independent news publishers. However, we’ve opted not to receive donations from CIMA’s Save Chicago Media campaign, which is why you won’t see us in the donation list.

Commercial News Business

Our purpose as a commercial news enterprise is to discover a profitable contemporary business model for local news. We also don’t want to take away from our worthy non-profit brethren who rely on donations as a main source of revenue. (If you’d like to support the McKinley Park News, become a Subscriber and access exclusive content and features, or advertise your enterprise as a Sponsor.)

One of the most notable things about CIMA’s collection of members is its diversity of voices, focuses and operations: a testament to Chicago’s central role in news media and the innovative journalists and publishers who power our local news. Whether you’d like to support specific independent publications or CIMA as a whole, the Save Chicago Media campaign lets you show your support for independent, local news.

Just don't wait too long to donate: The campaign ends after Friday, June 11, 2021.

Justin Kerr
Publisher, McKinley Park News 

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